Brand Amplification

Rebranding Waterstone Faucets with successful marketing campaign inspired by the modern American artisan tradition.

American Ingenuity, Spirit of Creativity and the Modern Artisan Tradition and Craftsmanship.

Challenge: Waterstone Faucets is a true American success story. Two decades ago, founder Chris Kuran had a vision for a company that paid homage to the modern American craftsman tradition. A true entrepreneur at heart and a Naval Academy graduate and former Marine, Chris wanted to create best-in-class plumbing products that improved Americans’ everyday lives and embodied the qualities he valued most: service, leadership, unity and freedom. His passion and imagination for what was possible in the plumbing world eventually took the company from a singular focus on creating high-quality components for drinking water filtration systems to its status today as a leading innovator and manufacturer of some of America’s finest crafted decorative plumbing fixtures.

Waterstone Faucets compelling story was not being communicated in an effective manner. Designers in the know appreciated their products but the story of Waterstone and its mission were not being told to a wider audience. DRS and Associates was called to craft Waterstone Faucets brand story and to convey their mission and values through detailed story telling and a brand refresh.

Solution: Over the course of several months Natalie Schlocker and the DRS and Associates team conducted extensive research and interviews to craft Waterstone Faucets heritage, mission and values to create the new Waterstone persona and reinvented DNA.  A detailed brand guide was created to tell their story in a concise and effective manner. In addition, DRS and Associates worked with Chris and the marketing team to give the brand a new refresh through streamlining their existing logo, updating its color palette, designing new packaging and creating new guidelines for social media and expanding their online presence. 

Mission Statement

Crafted with American Ingenuity.

Waterstone Faucets has been paying homage to the modern American artisan tradition since 1999. Each Waterstone product is touched by hand and made with integrity from their headquarters in Southern California. The best-in-class plumbing fixtures are testaments to craftsmanship as a uniting force. Forging lasting bonds with their customers through the products they see and touch every day.