Fresh and Creative Product Launch

Launching the new
Zephyr Ventilation product in fresh and creative way

Client: Since 1997, Zephyr has challenged the perception of what ventilation means in kitchen design — cultivating the range hood’s symbiotic relationship with the kitchen, home and homeowner. Far more than an appliance company, Zephyr is an innovator and creator of design-forward, residential hoods for the kitchen ecosystem.

Challenge: Zephyr introduced their Next Generation Europa Collection with DCBL Suppression System™ technology – the industry’s first range hood motor powered by direct current (DC) electricity rather than the traditional alternative current (AC)- a total game changer in the appliance industry. This powerful system allowed for greater air movement, introducing range hoods that were not only energy efficient but whisper quiet and intelligent because of their on-board computer technology. The challenge was figuring out how to present this revolutionary yet highly technical concept to the media and editors in an easily understandable way.

Solution: DRS was selected and engaged for the task. The team at DRS headed by Natalie Schlocker created, designed and built out a communication plan that included an original print and digital press kit. This direct mail packet didn’t just present the information but told the story of Zephyr’s DCBL Suppression System™ in a unique way – and took the journalist or editor (in this case) step by step, explaining features and benefits for the homeowner, designer, installer and even tech-minded consumer. The press kit was laid out in a specially designed folder to walk readers through the innovations as well as “first-to-market technologies that had never been manufactured into consumer home appliances. Through these graphically designed pages with concise content, they could effortlessly watch the story unfold. The kit concept was also designed to not just be static. A series or interchangeable step card inserts were created so that the kits could be customized even further for the audience or updated at any time.

The story begins on the front cover: “The New Benchmark for Range Hood Performance.” Inside, readers are given the information in an easy to understand way, broken down into concise bullet points. Opening the first flap reveals facts about the system such as “How ‘Quiet’ is Quiet? Quiet is 77% less noise and 30% more power.”

The inside of the folder presents more detailed information but still in an accessible format. The right pocket contains special step cards that include descriptions of the latest range hood models, a diagram explaining the technology, a press release, a Q&A, and a fact sheet. Digital media was included on flat USB credit-card style storage drives.

Through creativity and design, Natalie Schlocker puts a unique spin on the traditional press kit and integrating it into an online campaign by introducing Zephyr’s latest technology through an original and accessible storytelling method that was fresh, inviting, and certainly in line with the Zephyr brand.