Home Spa Refresh

Creating a sense of wellness in the bath with a fresh and creative marketing campaign

Since 1958, ThermaSol®, creator of the first steam shower unit for the home, has been designing and building the finest and most technologically-savvy steam shower and sauna environments available. Today, ThermaSol offers the only 100% digital, fully networked steam systems in the world. It is also one of the only steam shower manufacturers to offer Bluetooth® technology and a mobile application for wireless devices. ThermaSol is considered the dependable choice of professional plumbers, top designers, architects, builders and homeowners. Their commercial heavy-duty equipment is recognized for its durable and reliable operations in some of the world’s top hotels, resorts and spas.

Challenge: Steam can be a difficult thing to market. In the plumbing and construction trade, steam showers are typically sold or specified based on technological innovation and how easy steam equipment is to recommend, specify, size and sell.

While ThermaSol is well-recognized in those industries as leaders in steam shower equipment, marketing to a consumer audience poses a completely different set of challenges. Because residential steam showers are not generally well-known to the public, it can be difficult to market the steam experience – especially when consumers can’t relate to the amenity itself. The question remains, “How do you sell the lifestyle and experience of steam in the privacy of your own home – and in your own shower?”

During home bathroom design, build-out or renovation, a private home spa should be an automatic amenity. While large bath tubs take up a lot of space and are rarely used due to the amount of time and energy it takes to fill them (a separate topic on its own), steam showers can be used every day, allowing consumers to more easily access the benefits of steam and relaxation – and even appreciate or realize their investment. The challenge for Natalie Schlocker and the DRS team was to update ThermaSol’s messaging and marketing materials to educate consumers on steam showers and emphasize the lifestyle aspect of the brand while respecting ThermaSol’s rich history and “industry first” commitment to technological innovation.

Solution: Respecting ThermaSol’s desire to keep their original logo, a complete brand refresh would later be addressed. Natalie Schlocker began by focusing on the marketing materials used to convey ThermaSol’s product. ThermaSol idea book + price guide designed to better educate consumers, guiding them through the process of specifying equipment, components and products to actually building out a steam shower. The guide introduces the lifestyle aspect of steam, including its history, health and holistic healing benefits, and its role in creating a relaxing environment as part of one’s daily ritual. Then, it distills the steam shower specification process down to four steps and shows users how to choose a generator and pair different controls and accessories. Instead of focusing solely on the product, this price guide personalizes the technical information and highlights the overall “effect/benefit” and well-being that comes from steam. A supplemental lifestyle book expands on this approach.

The DRS team also created product and consumer information videos to showcase ThermaSol’s technical areas and benefits for the homeowner in an easier to understand way – as part of a larger series of videos DRS was producing for the company.

As people become more aware of the importance of staying grounded in their lives and the need for daily relaxation, mindful living has become a very important consumer trend. As more hotels devote space to “wellness rooms” and other relaxing amenities, these trends trickle down to consumers and increase demand. In order to better serve consumers, Natalie Schlocker revamped ThermaSol’s creative marketing in a fresh and original way to make the steam shower experience more accessible and easier to understand. With a better awareness of the relaxation and other benefits that steam can provide, consumers are more likely to add ThermaSol steam to their homes and daily rituals.